Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Spring Thanksgiving

As most of you know in the Southern Hemisphere Thanksgiving and Christmas are in the spring and summer instead of in the fall and winter like I´m used to. It´s been hard to adjust to. I think I will always consider November and December to be in the fall and winter. Today was wonderful because since it is now the rainy season we had a very hard rain which cooled everything off. It reminded me so much of fall in Virginia minus all the beautiful fall colors. I actually hope that it rains on Thanksgiving so it will seem more like Thanksgiving and maybe we could even use our fireplace. That would be nice. Last Christmas was fun because we could ride the bikes we got, but it was a little different wearing short sleeves and getting sunburned on Christmas Day. We´ll see what this year holds. In the meantime I´m starting to plan our Thanksgiving feast. Someone gave us a turkey and we´re excited about that. Turkeys are very expensive here as they are considered a ´gringo´ thing since Thanksgiving is an American holiday. An average sized one costs about $50 and we need a big one for our family. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebrating traditions with family and friends. I know my Dad will be watching the Cowboys. We´ll be thinking of you all and creating some new traditions of our own. Things might be different here in Cochabamba than we are used to, but we have plenty to be thankful for!

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