Thursday, February 3, 2011

Observations from the First Half of our Time in the States

  • There is good medical care available...even if you don't have insurance, but you have to pay dearly for it.
  • It is so easy to cook in the USA with all the prepared, canned, and frozen foods.
  • North Americans are very friendly, but lack truly deep friendships.
  • There is an abundance of water and even an abundance of hot water here.
  • There is wealth everywhere even in the midst of economic crisis.
  • The Dollar Tree is my favorite 'dollar store'. 
  • More isn't necessarily better.
  • Faster isn't necessarily better either.....except when it comes to internet connections. 
  • Christmas is a celebration of Jesus' birth, if you don't like that, don't celebrate it but don't change it into something else.  
  • Canned biscuits are really good (and stinkin' convenient!)....ditto canned croissants, cinnamon rolls, orange rolls, etc.
  • Lindt truffles are hard to beat.
  • Kids love to play outside and in the woods
  • It's hard to make friends when you aren't around that much and people know you are only here a short while.
  • The more I go to Walmart the more I am amazed at all they have....and for so cheap.
  • Celebrating American holidays is more fun when you are actually IN America.
  • Having all my kids and my parents in my house on Christmas Day was a treat and a memory I won't ever forget.
  • Most things work better here.
  • Being able to take things back when they don't work is a wonderful thing.
  • Home is where your herd is.
  • Snickers Candy Bars taste better here.
  • Canned sodas are really cheap and there is a huge variety of them available.