Monday, November 24, 2008

Long, Long Ago in a Country Far, Far Away

Twenty eight years ago last Friday Joe and I went out on a date for the very first time. Whodda thunk that we would end up like this?

* With eleven kids
* Missionaries living in South America
* The happiest married couple I know
* Serving our Lord together

You never know how one day could change your life forever. Take advantage of every moment you have and live life to the fullest.

I´m so thrilled that I said I would go out with that cute blond headed boy that I met in high school. I love him more now that I ever have. He´s the best! (and cuter now too!)

BTW, the pic is not our first date but one a couple of years later.


laura said...

Gary and I are super impressed with the walk down memory lane :) and the hair-dos involved :) You guys are truly one of the happiest married couples I know and really set a great example for us still in the early stages of what it's like to enjoy life together, growing and serving the Lord and each other! We sure are thankful you're here in Cochabamba and that we've been blessed to know you!

KCShipe said...

If you have dibs on the "happiest married couple" title, then we are the "second happiest married couple"
& No offense to Joe, but my DH is cuter :)

Beth White said...

wow what a neat picture! i'm so happy that the Lord has blessed you all and given you a wonderful marriage! i'm so glad you all are here and that we are friends!