Sunday, November 30, 2008


How do you like what I found in my bathtub last week? It´s an alacran in Spanish or scorpion in English. Either way I must admit that I find it hideous. I´m sure God had a purpose in making these creatures, I just don´t know what it could be.

Just this morning I found another one. It was in my bathtub too or to be more clear I should say that it was in my bathwater when I got out of the tub. YIKES!! Yep, when I got out of the bathtub, I saw him floating. Joe said it´s a good thing I take hot baths. He said I probably boiled it. I´m just thankful that I wasn´t stung since it can really hurt. So far no one in the family has been stung as far as we know, but last week Hope was stung by something in the grass. It was very painful and swollen for a few days. Maybe she´s the first one in our family to have a Bolivian scorpion sting. I would be happy to opt out of my turn. This ´scorpion season´ time of the year really gets to me especially since our mattress is still on the floor. Yes. Still. We shake out our sheets every night....just in case. And now the kids are wearing shoes outside (more of the time anyway). They are also checking their shoes before they put them on as this is a favorite hiding place for scorpions. So far they haven´t discovered any others. I guess the ones in our house just prefer to hang out in my bathtub. I think I´m becoming a shower person.


Gallo Pinto2 said...

OH my...I think I stopped breathing when you said you found it AFTER you finished your bath! Oh and thanks for teaching me a new word in Spanish :) Never knew how to say scorpion before!

Beth White said...

hey really be careful if you are using white sheets. they love khaki and white. i'm trying to little by little change my sheets to darker ones. we have them in our house all the time. i would recommend fumigating or you will find more and more. when we first moved in we would find around 2 or 3 a week. if you all fumigate tell them you want it sprayed down all the drains, they come up the sinks too. taylor got stung by one this year! if one of you do get stung call me! but i pray that doesn't happen. usually it isn't anything to be worried about just a lot of pain.