Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Flowers from Ben

A couple of weeks ago Ben, Caleb, and Jake climbed to the top of Mount Tunari (the highest peak in Cochabamba at 16,563 feet). I´ll post some of their pics later, but for now I want to tell you a story about Ben. When they came home he brought me some flowers and said they were for me from the top of Mt. Tunari. "Wow!" I thought, "He was thinking of me when he was worn out from all that hiking, then he carried them all the way back down just to give them to me. What a good son!". Later he saw me taking a picture of the flowers and he asked if I was going to put it on my blog. I told him I was. Then he got a sheepish grin on his face and confessed that they were from the tree in our front yard. The little jokester! He´s so much like his dad! Oh well, he did bring me flowers from the front yard. He´s still a good son. I guess I´ll keep him....just to help me laugh. My dad once said that Ben is the funniest kid he knows. I think he´s right.


Gallo Pinto2 said...

I don't think beautiful flowers could live at the top of's so awfully high I still feel sick when I think about even making it to 15,200 feet!

But the flowers are beautiful and I'm glad he gave them to you!

laura said...

I totally agree with your Dad! Ben cracks me up!