Monday, January 7, 2008


Bolivians don't celebrate Thanksgiving. But we did. We tried to make it as traditional as possible....minus the turkey and the Cowboy football game. Of course we couldn't watch the Cowboys play and we ended up not buying a turkey since it was a bit cost prohibitive. However I made some of our traditional favorites....chicken enchiladas, five cup salad, banana pudding, brocoli and rice casserole, etc. It was much harder than usual since we don't have any convenience foods here. When I say convenience foods I mean things like sour one told me this before we moved here or I might would've rethought it :>) We make our own. And as I've said before we can't get anything veggies, or pie crusts or anything 'ready to eat'. There is nothing in the frozen food section of the grocery store except ice and ice cream. Also we don't have cream cheese (although sometimes you can find this if you can beat the other gringos to it and pay the $3 or so that it costs). Another thing we have to make is brown sugar. Also there are no canned cream of chicken or cream of mushroom....nada. No instant rice. No Bisquick. No packaged mixes. These are all ingredients I used to use often...especially for holiday cooking. Now I've had to revise my recipes and make even the necessary ingredients. It's a bit harder, but it's worth it. The enchilada's were scrumptious!!

We have much to be thankful for: 10 wonderful children, a roof over our heads, food to eat, dear family, good friends, an awesome missions team, a new opportunity to serve our Savior in a new place and with a new language, and the awesome privilege to proclaim His name to those who haven't heard....just to name a few. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and were able to reflect on all you have to be thankful for as well.

One more thing I'm grateful for: my new friend Glenda who tracked down a store with real Philadelphia Cream Cheese for me on Christmas Eve (no easy task) and who brought me a bag a brown sugar. I love ya, Glenda....and not just for these reasons! You are a dear sister.

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