Monday, January 7, 2008

Firecracker Baseball AKA Things to Do in Bolivia When You are Bored

Here's a short video of our family playing our own made up game....Firecracker Baseball. Here's basically how it works: Someone (usually a teenager or a dad or some such person of very little brain) lights a firecracker and pitches it toward the batter who is standing with 2 x 2 in hand ready to belt the firecracker out of the park (or yard as the case may be) before it goes off. There are plenty of cheap entertainment options here in Coch, you see. Sorry it's poor quality, but we had to film in night vision since it was dark. I'm the batter on the video. Enjoy!

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Rich said...

hah, hah! That is a cool mom! My mom was like that. It was amazing when I think back the kind of fun she let us have.