Monday, January 21, 2008

Estoy Embarazada!!!

For all you non-Spanish speakers....that is a false cognate. It doesn't mean I'm embarrassed. It means I'm pregnant. Yep. I am. We are thrilled of course. I found out on the Wednesday before I got sick on Friday a week ago. That's one reason I've been slower to heal I believe. Joe could take meds that I couldn't. I guess this means that I have a parasite I want to get rid of and a parasite I want to keep....for nine months anyway. :>) Our house is full of rejoicing!! It was fun to tell the kids and see them genuinely excited. Some even cried tears of joy. How cool is that?

The futbol team is growing!!

Check out Joe's blog (link at right) for his point of view!!


kathywilshire said...

WOW!! Well, all I can say is I'm glad it's you and not me! Seriously, if you're happy, I'm happy for you. You are not as out of practice as I am at least!
Hope you do not have a lot of morning sickness on top of your other illnesses, or you may never know when you are really well!
Congratulations and I will add the new little Holman to my prayer list with the rest of you!
In His Grip,
Kathy W

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! We are all very excited for you and we will pray that the Lord would heal you from your sickness and protect both you and the baby from future illness. Blessing to all of you,
The Schweibold's

MJ said...

(((Denise))) I am so happy for you all. You remain in our prayers!

Mary Jane Vaughn

the Lucky One said...

Denise! Yahoo!! Congratulations that is so exciting! God bless you and the 'futball'team! Love and prayers from the USA

Anonymous said...

p.s. Love, the Lucky One

Anonymous said...

Wooo Hoooo!

Sounds like wonderful news!

We love you all.

David & Anita Siecker

Anonymous said...

Praise God!
We are thrilled for you! What great news! God bless and keep you all in his tender , loving hands. You are in our prayers.
Becky Kline

Jessica said...

Congratulations!! :-) Your dad (among others) seems to be very excited about the news -- he was telling several people about it in church yesterday. :-) We are praying for both your safety and the baby's as you continue to recover.

~ The Coles

Anonymous said...

REJOICING, friend!! typing one-handed with babe in arms and glad you will be soon too :)