Monday, January 7, 2008

Drying Clothes During the Rainy Season

Welp, the rainy season is upon us. We went for a several months with no rain at it rains most days. They tell us this will continue through February. One complication of all the rain is how do we dry our laundry? Our washer does have a dryer setting but it takes several hours to dry a load and we have several loads a day. Normally we hang it outside on the line to dry, but now many days this isn't possible. Joe hung up an additional clothes line under a small overhang on our house but it's not nearly big enough for all of our laundry needs. So, we have to improvise. In other words we have laundry spread all over....anywhere we can where it is protected from the rain. Here's a pic of it drying on the handrail of our stairs:

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