Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tarantula on the Loose

Yep, you read that right. There is a tarantula on the loose in my house. "How did this happen?" you ask. Well let me tell you. The other day the kiddos found a tarantula in our backyard. A new joy I´ve found of living up against the mountain. They decided to keep it in in their bug cages that we got them for Christmas. What were we thinking when we bought these?! Anyway, they put the little beggar...or actually the not-so-little beggar in the cage, fed him all manner of bugs and then put the cage in the living room so it could get a good night´s rest. Later that night Ben came to me and said he was in a quandrum because he didn´t want to kill it or let it die since it was so cool, but he didn´t want to let it go near our house either as we didn´t want it to come back for a visit. I told him maybe the next day he could take it far from our house and let it go. He agreed that would be a good plan. The next day Ben, Caleb and Jake spent the entire day pouring a concrete foundation at Casa de Amor (the orphanage our friend Jennifer started). About mid-morning I noticed that the cage was empty. When Ben got home that night I asked him if he had taken the tarantula away from the house and let it loose. He replied "Kinda". I asked what EXACTLY he meant by "kinda". He said Dad had told him not to tell me. Then I KNEW we were in trouble. After a little coaxing and threatening he told me that when he had gone to get it that morning it had already escaped. YIKES!!! It´s been over a week now and it hasn´t shown up anymore. Jaime, our language helper, told us it probably went back to the mountain where it lived, but I know that he was just trying to make me feel better about my sleeping on the floor. I now have friends who won´t come and visit until they see the tarantula´s dead carcass. I see their point.


Gallo Pinto2 said...

EWWW Yikes! Um, I'll still come and visit sometime if you want...but I'll leave my shoes on and won't sit on the floor!!!

Don't tell Jen's volunteer Sarah about this...I hear she is deathly terrified of them!

Joe Holman said...

Technically, you don't sleep on the floor, you sleep on a mattress on the the spider has to climb up a good 6" to get to you. Whatch worried about?

The Holmans In Bolivia said...

Actually since the tarantula is 3 inches tall, it only has to crawl up 3 inches....THAT´S what I´m worried about.

@ngie said...

Kinda!?!?! That cracked me up!