Friday, May 15, 2009

Pics from the Marriage Retreat Joe and I Taught

The whole gang

Opening the gifts they gave us

Joe and Jorge around the campfire

Looks like we bored Mercy to sleep...hope she was the only one.

Mercy´s newest boyfriend....son of Grover who Joe disciples

Guess who was the biggest hit of the retreat? Everyone wanted a turn to hold her.

Teaching together

Food prep....lots of Lima Beans

Enjoying the Pique Macho....a yummy traditional Cochabamban dish

Playing a new card game we´s a bit like ´Spoons´.

Mercy and Mauge

Joe teaching


Joe Holman said...

The best part about the retreat was being with you!

The Holmans In Bolivia said...

aaahhhh....ain´t you sweet?Actually the best part was being with you....and our heater. ;^)