Saturday, May 16, 2009

More quotes...

Josh is probably the kindest kid we have, but some times he goes overboard in an Eddie Haskel kind of way. The other day Joe said to him "Josh, you are such a suck up." Josh replied "Why, thank you, sir."

Tonight Patience came to me and said "My legs are killing me, Mom. By the way, what does ´my legs are killing me´ mean?"

The other day Hope (age 7) said "I love bugs and spiders because they are God´s creation, but really they are just yucky."

A conversation between Patience and Joe yesterday:
Patience: Dad, you are always going somewhere.
Joe: Yeah, I have lots of things I need to do.
Patience: Sometimes it just stinks to be you. (Something she has heard many times from her dad.)

Background to the following story: Trash is a real problem here in Coch. There are many things you can do with it. You can throw it out behind your house or into the street or alley like many people do. You can burn it in the street like many of our neighbors do. You can put it outside and hope that all the stray dogs and varmints haul most of it off for you. Or you can take it to the public dumpsters that are placed at various locations around town like we do. Tonight Patience asked if we had any small pieces of trash. Joe said he didn´t think we did. She said "Well, I figured something out. The wind can help us. You can throw small pieces of trash up in the air and the wind carries them off. Joy and me did it today." I´m sure our neighbors are glad we moved in. ;^)

There really is no such thing as coupons here in Bolivia, but sometimes there ones stuck to items shipped in from the States. I found one on a package and was commenting on it. Paish asked what it was and I said "A coupon." She replied "A poop on doesn´t sound very nice."


Gallo Pinto2 said...

Oh my, your life is never dull!!!

And as for the neighborhood dumpsters...I guess that didn't even occur to me that it wasn't normal because I'm so used to living in apartments where that's what everyone does :)

@ngie said...

A poop on!!! Ha!