Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Things I Miss and Things I Don't

Things I miss from the States:
  • Most of (Seth, my dad and mom) and friends (you know who you are!)
  • Good coffee and coffee 'get away' time with friends
  • Clean, neat, well organized stores
  • Eating fruit without having to sterilize it in bleach first
  • Convenience foods
  • Tex-Mex food
  • Sterile hospitals with knowledgeable doctors, nurses, and midwives
  • Quality toys (and all things for that matter)....I've said here is like a nation of 'Dollar Store toys'. If a toys makes it for two months we're impressed. Some of our Christmas toys didn't make it past Christmas Day.
  • The ease of everything
  • A clothes dryer
  • Sour cream
  • Towels that are soft...not as Joe says like sandpaper from hanging on the line to dry. Everyone wants to use the towel second not first since it's a little softer then. :>)
  • My crockpot and crockpot cooking
  • Not having someone in our family dealing with sickness on any given day
  • Feeling competent i.e. being able to communicate what I'm thinking, feeling, wanting in my native tongue instead of stumbling through and feeling stupid in a language I am not yet fluent in
  • Independence: Being able to be alone and to go out alone (This is a way that I recharge.)
  • Driving alone (see above)
  • A stable government
  • Ben and Jerry's
  • Being able to walk down the street without seeing someone urinating
  • Drinking, cooking with, and brushing my teeth with water directly from the faucet
  • That things made from plastic are not expensive
  • Feeling pretty secure that there is not a cat living on the shelf of a restaurant where I'm eating

Things I don't miss from the States:

  • Joe being away from his family much of the time
  • The underlying sense of 'hurry, hurry, rush, rush'
  • The lack of focus/priority on people and relationships
  • $4.00 a gallon for gas
  • So much advertising/consumerism
  • Keeping up with the 'Joneses'
  • That things made from wood are so expensive
  • The busy-ness of life
  • Strict parking regulations in Washington DC (I got two parking tickets while there visiting Seth!)

Things that are the same all over the world:

  • People's need for a Savior
  • My desire to follow our Lord no matter where He leads
  • Need for mentoring in Spiritual matters
  • More needs than ministers/people meeting those needs
  • More fields ripe for harvest than workers in the harvest
  • Human suffering
  • That people are so wrapped up in their daily lives that they don't see the spiritual warfare going on around them

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