Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Best Thing I Brought Home With Me

Okay, time for a little more group participation. I have a question for you.

What do you think the best thing I brought back home to Bolivia from the States is?

I'll give you a few days to respond and then I'll post my answer and explain why it's the best.


Becky said...

Coffee beans.

@ngie said...

I have a two in one answer...

You brought back yourself and your precious yet to be born baby. :-)

As far as material goods are concerned... hm... no clue. Can't wait for the big answer.

Shirley Koons said...

You brought back good memories of good friends. Something , you will always have.
Shirley Koons

Carla said...

good chocolate chips
a GPS system for backroad traveling
a pack-n-play for the new baby
a new snuggli
some favorite meal ingredients to cook for the family that you always ate "back home"

The Holmans In Bolivia said...

Becky, good guess...that's a close one.

Angie, how sweet was your guess! I'm glad to be back.

Shirley, another good answer. Good to hear from you.

Carla, more good guesses spoken like a true missionary. :>) We recently taught a parenting seminar at a new church plant in La Paz. We were blessed to be able to stay with the Hurst family in 'your old apartment'. It was fun to see where you used to live. We think of you often. Keep in touch

All, stay tuned I'll be answering really soon.