Thursday, June 26, 2008

11 Examples Of Redneck Ingenuity

I usually don't pass these things along.....BUT this one was hard to pass up. Instead of inundating all your email boxes, I'll just take up room on my blog for a good laugh in celebration of my birthday tomorrow!

1. Can’t afford daycare?

2. No convenient cupholder?

3. No money to fix the car’s doorlock?

4. No basement to protect from severe weather?

5. No way of procuring normal pets?

6. No money to buy t-shirt supporting favorite sports hero and/or team?

7. Can’t afford divorce attorney?

8. Still saving up for that riding mower?

9. Banned from UHaul?

10. Can’t scrape together the cash for a plasma screen tv?

11. Need more space?

Thanks for indulging me. Actually we're considering the moving and housing ones since we'll be moving soon. Also, I think the duct tape on the baby was put to good use! :>)


mjpuzzlemom said...

Too funny! I had seen some of the photos before, but the captions really sold them...


@ngie said...

Hey - the kid is happy - leave her there! :-)

The 'trailer mansion' is... um... what's the word for it?... immensely tacky!

Thanks for sharing!

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