Friday, February 22, 2008

Valentine's Day Father-Daughter Dance

They don't celebrate Valentine's Day least not on February 14th, but another ex-pat family here in Coch hosted their second annual Valentine’s Day Father-Daughter Dance the following weekend. Joe took all four of his girlies and had a wonderful time dancing the evening away. I snapped these pics as they were leaving. They came home with tales of cake walks, the Macarena, the Chicken Dance, games, coloring, romantic dancing with dad, etc.

Aren't they gorgeous....all five of them?
The girls love their Daddy!

Here's a fun story about their dresses....Since Christmas in Bolivia is in the summer all the 'Christmas dresses' look to me like Easter dresses....very springy with pastels and flowers along with white hats to match. There's no red or green velveteen. No black and white taffeta. Nothing. So I broke down and bought the dresses you see in the pics above. Then one day my friend Glenda called from the used clothing section of La Cancha. She had found stores full of "Christmassy dresses" imported from the States. I went that very day and found 4 dresses for the girls to wear at Christmas time no matter what the weather and put the other dresses up for Easter (but of course the dance came first). Of course I paid more for the used dresses than for the new springy ones, but they looked Christmassy (at least in the culture I come from).

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