Monday, February 25, 2008

A Favorite Quote

Since we don't have heating or air-conditioning we are at the mercy of the weather outside even when we are in our house. Thankfully here in Coch the weather is pretty nice year round. In fact it's hard to remember you guys back in the States as having four distinct seasons. However being so high up in the Andes mountains, it does tend to get chilly at night. Here's one of my favorite and often quoted quotes of Joe:

"Sometimes going to bed at night with my socks on is the best decision I make all day."

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Carolina Mama said...

Hi Denise, Glad you are well! That you all are. Hey, I sleep in my socks as well. ;) even here. The pic of your husband and the girls is darling. Just checking in on you. Love and prayers, Us
p.s. i may have a new look since you stopped by but still just us. :) Blessings!