Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pictures of Bolivian Products We Eat and Drink...

I thought it might be fun for you to see some of the products we consume in Bolivia and how they are packaged. So, here we go....
We have lots of products that come in bags. It makes sense really. There is less waste.
chocolate milk in a bag

carmel in a bag

whipping cream in a bag
BTW how we make sour cream is to leave one of these out overnight for it to sour and then whip it and add juice of a´s not quite the same consistancy as sour cream in the States, but it works.

yogurt in a bag

ketchup in a bag

the kids love juice bags

Our milk comes in bags that are almost one liter. Can you imagine how many of these we have to buy? I know the people at the store think we are buying for an orphanage. ;^)

When I was taking this picture the little girls asked me why and I told them to show people how our milk comes in Bolivia. They asked how it comes in the US. I told them either in cartons or in plastic containers a little like 2 liter Coke bottles. They replied "How weird!".

The juice we drink comes in one liter boxes too. Here is orange juice and peach juice. It´s much yummier than any juice we ever had in the States. Jake says no matter how long he lives here or when he goes back, he´ll never get over how good the juice is here.
Usually we buy fresh bread from a bakery or a tienda.

But also there is bread that comes in loaves. Yes, this is Bimbo brand bread. How funny is that? Guess it doesn´t translate the same.
Hope you enjoyed this look at some of the everyday things we eat and drink.


Anonymous said...

The comment from your little girls made me laugh. :-) Ha!

KCShipe said...

Wow! What a cool idea for a post! I am definitely a visual learner so this was even better for me.
It's also a really good illustration of how EVERYTHING is affected by changing cultures. Even little things you wouldn't ever think about.
How do you store leftovers if everything comes in bags? I usually save all those containers and reuse them, but I don't suppose you could do that with bags :s
Your sweet girls' quote was adorable also!

Gallo Pinto2 said...

Oh man! I miss Bolivia! The fresh fruit is amazing too. I have trouble eating fruit in the States after I return from Latin America because it just isn't as good!

I'm glad you're educating people about life in Latin America!

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