Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mercy Arrives

Hey Everyone! This is Joe. Denise is upstairs recovering from delivering a baby less than 18 hours ago. I put this slideshow on my blog, but thought I would put it here too. Denise will blog the story when she can.


Anonymous said...

We've been checking the blog for days and finally... What great news!! We are thanking God for answer to prayer for a great delivery!! Everyone looks so good... and it even looked like Mercy was smiling in some of the pictures :) What a precious baby! Thanks for sharing!

Steve and Jenny Holsinger

Becky said...

Yeah, yeah, YEAH! We are so excited for your family. We have been joining in prayer with everyone else for her safe delivery. The kids look so sweet holding their little sister.

You are blessed,
Becky & Dave

Carolina Mama said...

Congratulations! God Bless you all!! Mercy is adorable! And the whole family! We are so thankful for your safe delivery and your entire family's safety at this time. Go God! We love ya'll!

Deb said...

Dear Holman Family-

What a wonderful answer to so many prayers - a BEAUTIFUL baby. Loved the pictures!!! We are so very happy for each of you.

The Schellhases

Gallo Pinto2 said...

Congrats! I'm so happy for you guys. It was great to see pictures of your newest!

Denise (we met while I spent the summer in Cochabamba working with Jennifer...)

Melissa Thomas said...

Congrats !! Our whole family has been praying for the safe delivery of baby Mercy ! Your all in our prayers as you adjust to having a newborn again !! :)

She is beautiful !!
The Thomas Family

Fader said...

Yay! Baby Mercy looks just like a Holman. Congratulations, we're so happy for you guys - not many have the joy of raising 11 little ones. :) I'll pray for you as I post this.
Love Bethany for the Faders

The Holmans In Bolivia said...

Steve and Jenny,
Thanks for all your prayers. God answered in a mighty way. No c-section! Yea! Mercy is a very smiley baby. It´s so funny for one so young.

Becky and Dave,
Thanks for your encouragement and prayers and thank your kiddos too as I´m sure they´ve been praying as well.

Carolina Mama,
Thanks for rejoicing with us and for continuing to pray for our safety. Keep it up. It´s not all over yet.

Deb and Dennis and girls,
Thanks for praying. We indeed serve an awesome God that listens to His children. Amazing. Thanks for sharing our joy. How´s language school going? I owe you a long email soon.

So great to hear from you! Thanks for keeping up with us through the blog. Maybe you´ll come back sometime and get to see Mercy in person.

It´s so fun to share our celebration of Mercy´s birth with friends even long distance. Thanks for all the prayers! We´re still praying for you too!

Heard you can get the internet now in Sudan. Is that true? I hope all is going well for you and the Fader tribe there....especially for the newest Fader. You are on your way to 11 too. :^) I can´t believe how much your boys are growing. Write when you can. We love keeping up through your blog! May God continue to bless your ministry and your family.

Much love to you all,

Shirley Koons said...

Denise & Joe,
Your new baby girl is beautiful , as all your children are.
In His Love