Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sex Change

Well now that I have your attention I have an announcement to make:

I went to have one more ultrasound today before I head back to the States in order to make sure my little guy was still a little guy. You guessed it. He's not a he. It's a girl! WOW!

My dad always tells my boys that if they kiss their elbow they will turn into girls and he tells the girls that if they kiss their elbow they will become a boy. So, Benjamin said he guesses the baby kissed his elbow. Sounds reasonable to me. I just hope she doesn't do it again.

I've just spent the last two days registering at and because my sweet friend Geni wants to give me a baby shower when I'm back in Virginia next week. Now I'm going through and changing all the blue to pink.

Good thing we double checked!! I would write longer but I need to get my registeries changed before you all start running out and buying her sailor and race car outfits and airplane stuff. :>)


Anonymous said...

Thats so exciting :)


Kathy W said...

I'm not sure I would count on that sono after one being wrong? Isn't it odd how your first 4 were boys, then the last 5 now girls? God's just amazing in how he does things, isn't He?
Hope you have a great trip and enjoy your time "home".

Kim said...

Awww, a sweet baby girl! Wait a've already got a passel of sweet baby girls! (and boys but don't tell them I called them "sweet") No one deserves it more!

Congrats and hope to see you back here when you come!

Schellhases said...

Thank Heaven for little girls!

-Loved the elbow story.

Sun said...

WOW - WOW - congratulations - I love girls (we have 3 of them :) ) - have a great trip Sunshines

kibbe said...

the first 4 said boy, and now girl? hmmm, as the mother of twins I just wonder.....are you sure there aren't two in there spinning around hiding behind each other?

setg said...

Quiero ver mi mamá otra vez.....

te amo ;D

really it is now ;P said...

seth** not setg