Monday, April 21, 2008

I Got A Monkey On My Back!

The following took place in the rainforest of Bolivia. We spent the night on a trip in a town called Villa Tunari. Near this town is a place where monkeys are abundant. Many of the monkeys have been brought in to be treated medically, or relocated for some other reason. The monkeys are used to humans, and have no fear. Therefore, they will come check you out, and try to steal from you.

One monkey took a sucker out of Joshua's hands and climbed above our heads and ate it. Another jumped down on Jacob's shoulders and tried to steal his glasses. Jacob slapped it, and IT SLAPPED HIM BACK!! Jacob's claim to faim is that he has been slapped by a wild monkey.

The monkeys would come down and walk beside us, hold our hands, wrap their tails around us, etc. It was fun.

Look at these photos....and remember that these are wild monkeys in the jungle. A cool day!