Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Question for You All

I'm planning a trip back to the States before mid-June if possible. I have a dilemma and need your help. Here's a question that is not theoretical...If you were going to have a baby and you had only one suitcase in which to put baby 'stuff' what would you put in it? What are the items that you used the most/can't live without with your babies (from in utero until about 10 months old)? Remember I have limited space.


@ngie said...

This reminds me that I have been meaning to take you to a shop up on America near Melchor Perez that imports baby stuff from the States so that before you travel you know what is available here. It is owned by the same couple that run K'barrato so you can ask them to bring specific items whenever they make their trips to Miami like very three months.

Schellhases said...

In my busy-ness, I'm missing my "Denise" fix. But I did get to read this entry and here are my thoughts:

A and D ointment (good for chapped cheeks of both types)
Sun hat
Baby socks
A soft blanket you love
Flannel crib sheet
2 pacifiers that look alike
Flannel waterproof lap pads
Burping cloth
Water-proof bibs (a la oil cloth)
Coated baby spoons
A soft, sweet "lovie"
Baby Tylenol and Motrin
"Nasal Aspirator" or as I call it "that little sucking thing"

Of course, you are the expert mom, so I have a feeling you know what you will need.

Happy shopping!

kibbe said...

I would have to have Mother-ease lined, snap diapers. Even if just as a back-up to disposables....You know those emergencies when you thought you had another pack of 60 disposables under the bed or in the closet, but alas! you don't!

Wendy Anderson said...

Must haves for baby's first ten months for me are, onsies and lots of them, rash cream, socks, soft blanket, burp cloths, baby tylenol, thermometer

Anonymous said...


I would say really good diaper creme, LOTS of pacifiers and breast creme for you. Oh yes, tearless baby wash and a soft wash cloth.

Dolores said...

Hi Denise,
Having traveled with babies as far as Australia I know what you mean by limited space! Anyway, the number one thing for me is onesies, a diaper bag that can double as handbag with different compartments, a burping cloth that can double as pillow/blankie/"lovie", Nursing Pads!!! There are some things from the US that I always brought along: sippy cups with spill-proof valves, an inflatiable bath tub insert that helped as mini pool and could be carried folded up as a T-shirt, thermometer and Tylenol (though the Ibupofreno in Argentina worked wonders too!)And there are also some things that I still bring up from Argentina that you may find in Bolivia :) The number one is a diaper rash cream called Dermaglos. I even use it on my chaffed hands in winter. There is Oleo Calcareo, which is a whitish oil/lotion that you use to clean the bottom with a piece of cotton after you clean it with wipes or even instead of the wipes when the bottom is chaffed to avoid burning the poor thing with the not so soft wipes. The Oleo is soft, cool and soothing and clean much better than the wipes, plus it gets rid of the smell! Great for tiny babies before they can get a bath. Then there are the starter food and cereals: Nestum (cereal) and Vitina (like a polenta or semolina) They are rich in nutrients and iron and you can add them to mushed up fruit and veggies to thicken them and make them more nutritious. I can't think of anything else right now... Take care and I hope you are feeling OK. Love, Dolores