Saturday, September 15, 2007

Prayer requests

I emailed a dear friend at BRBC a prayer request list the other day and as I looked back over it I decided to post it here as well so that you can join in praying for my requests as well. Thank you all in advance for your prayers. I know that it is God's direct answers to the prayers of people like you that enables us to be here and will enable us to accomplish the ministry God has planned for us in Cochabamba. We don't take your prayers lightly.

Here are the requests:

  • That Seth will fall more and more in love with Jesus and seek to serve God with his whole life as he is now on his own...well not fully on his own, but out from under our roof.
  • That I will be able to work in plenty of study time for language with all that I still have to do (schooling the kids, running the house, etc.). It seems that everything here is more of a chore than in the states and it takes more time to accomplish tasks....buying groceries, buying needed clothes and shoes, cooking (definitely takes much longer), etc. I've been looking for three days for math flash cards for the kiddos. I'm about to make them myself. This is the kind of thing that takes up lots of my time.
  • For our health.
  • For the kids as they adjust to not having Seth here with us...especially Jake as they were good buddies.
  • That we all would learn Spanish well and as quickly as possible.
  • That we will 'seize the day' with the kids and enjoy each moment and also take advantage of the time we have with them to teach them about the Lord....not Biblical facts but truly being open with them and teaching them what God is doing in our lives and encouraging them to let Him work in theirs.
  • That our kids would find friends who love the Lord and that they would encourage our children to love him more too.
  • For continuing adjustment to all the differences of culture and the feelings of loneliness.
  • For ongoing adjustments to all the changes here like limited water, limited transportation (it's hard getting all 12 of us to church or anywhere for that matter in taxis), and lack of friendships.
  • For Joshua in his schooling. We believe he definitely has learning disabilities and are struggling with how best to teach him. Many times his schooling frustrates both him and me. He's had some really hard days this last week or so. We both have. Pray that I will have wisdom to discern his problem with learning and that I will be able to come up with a solution that we all can live with. :>)
  • That we will keep our priorities straight and let go of the things that we must in order to do that which we should most.
  • That we would find a way to get 'fed' spiritually. We are going to a Bolivian church and none of us even understand the language fully so we aren't getting good Bible teaching. We are able to feed ourselves from the Word, but long to have someone else teach us as well. The internet and pod casts are an option, but we find it's difficult to make this happen.
  • For my back: I don't know what happened, but my back has started 'acting up' again. As many of you know I pulled some muscles in my back at the Sandy Cove Homeschool Week Talent Show in July 2006. It's been bothering me again lately. It's not nearly as bad as it was then, but still is a nuisance and I would like for it to get better.
  • Most of all that we would bring honor to the name of Christ and shine our lights for Him.

I have more, but I'm sure this will keep you busy for now. Thanks so much for lifting these up before our Father. May God bless you for your service to Him, You, through your labor of prayer, will be a part of the harvest of God's work here in Bolivia.


mjpuzzlemom said...

Denise, you and Joe and all the family are in our prayers! I am amazed at all you do and give! I know God is doing great things and has even greater things in store for you!


Bethel Temple CBC ( Philly )

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