Friday, September 28, 2007

Beanie Babies Galore

Well for those of you with Ty Beanie Babies socked away in your basement or attic waiting for them to make a come back and make your fortune for you or put your kids through college, I've got some bad news. There is a glut of them in Bolivia. When I was shopping for Hopey's birthday present in La Cancha I saw hundreds. I saw even the rarest ones in mint condition with tag protectors. You remember Ty Beanie Babies don’t you? First we had to buy the Beanies and they had to be ‘real’ Ty Beanies not the imitation ones, but the kids didn’t want to play with them, they wanted to ‘collect’ them. They had to be kept in perfect condition. The company played into this and had limited releases and limited numbers of prized Beanies. They even sold ‘tag protectors’ these plastic covers that kept the tags (that you HAD to leave on the Beanie) in pristine condition so that their resale value would be greater. I remember the days of waiting in line for stores to open with anxious kiddies so we could purchase certain new releases of Beanies. I remember waiting in long lines at McDonald's to collect all 4 Teeny Beanie Bears available ‘for a limited time only’ in Happy Meals for each of our kiddos because they "had" to have them all and they were going to be worth lots of money. (Yeah, right.) Evidentially there were plenty of other kids (and parents) who got caught up in the Beanie Baby frenzy because the remains of the fad have made their way to South America. I suppose they were garage sale items that had too high of a price and so made their way to Good Will where they again had too high of a price so they were shipped off to Bolivia to be sold in the North American thrift store rejects part of La Cancha. Here's the kicker: I can buy the rarest of Beanies in mint condition with a tag protector for only 50 cents! So, I guess if you're waiting on their comeback to make your fortune, perhaps you should think of something else like figure out how to reconfigure the new iphone...oh, that's been done. Better think of something else. Maybe you can find a chip that looks like the Virgin Mary and sell it for thousands of dollars on e-bay. Oh, that’s been done too. Or better yet maybe you'll spill your hot coffee on you or find a severed finger in your Happy Meal and sue McD's for millions. After all they owe you for all the money you spent there buying all those Teeny Beanies. There's more than one way to get rich there in the USA. :>) Oh yeah, I know what some of you are thinking. I'm not taking any orders for certain Beanies to complete to your collection ‘just in case’. But, I promise if you come here to visit I'll take you shopping for them. I bought one for Hopey for her birthday. We have a new generation of Beanie Baby kids at our house. This generation actually plays with them. :>)

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