Saturday, September 15, 2007

Patience is Three: And still growing into her name!

We are right in the thick of our birthday season. Our family has a birthday a week for the next three weeks and Patience's birthday was last Thursday. She turned three and so now she thinks she's one of the 'big kids'. As Joe says she was named in faith and is still growing into her name. She has however started using the potty which is wonderful. So far at least a while we will have a break from diapers. (That's not an announcement, just a hope.) She had a Dora the Explorer party. When we were moving the little girls wanted to know if in Bolivia Dora would teach them English. :>) The other day one of them asked me if Patience would be able to understand people when we go back to the States to visit. You have to understand that we know and speak VERY LITTLE Spanish yet, so this was extremely funny to us all.

Yesterday at the market I met a fellow missionary gal. She is a homeschool grad who is homeschooling her kiddos. She and her hubby have a church here in our neighborhood. They also run an orphanage on the same property. It's just one street down from our house, so we went there this morning and were blessed. We enjoying worshipping with them.

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