Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Want to Be Where You Are

Mercy is a momma's girl....although she's turning into a mamita's girl too (mamita means little other words Faith's girl) .  She doesn't want mommy too far out of her sight.  She likes to be near me.  She sits on the island while I am cooking, she sits in my lap when we are watching movies, she asks to sit beside me (the highly coveted seat) at lunch and dinner.  She misses sitting in my lap when we go on car trips.  Those pesky US car seat and seat belt laws.  :>)  She knocks on the door when I am in the bathroom.  She comes in when I am in the bathtub just to chat.  When she is proud of her work she wants to show it to me and have my approval...even if it is her artistic rendering on the side of my desk or on the wall.  She takes a nap in the school room on the couch so she can be near me while she sleeps.  When she is hurt she wants me to comfort her and give her a band-aid because that fixes everything.  When she is sick she wants me to doctor her.  This week she had to get some immunizations and her leg hurt and she wanted me to carry her everywhere.  She wants to be right where I am because she knows I'm her momma and that I love her and she loves me right back.

As I thought about that I realized that I am like that with my Heavenly Father.  I want to be right where He is.  When I hurt I want, I need, His comfort.  When I am proud of something I have done, I desire His approval above all others.  When I need advice, I want to know what He has to say.  When I am weak, I need Him to carry me.  When I am tired, I need His strength.  When I am empty, I need His Spirit to fill me.  I just want to be near Him.  To enjoy Him.  His strength.  I gain security in His presence.  When I feel uncertain, I gain confidence in His love....knowing that He loves me despite all my failures...that nothing I do changes His love for me.  I pray I never outgrow wanting/needing to be with my Heavenly Father.  Right where He is.  Close by so He can give me just what I need whether it is correction or comfort. 


Sabrina O'Malone said...

What a beautiful sentiment. Our one-and-a-half-year-old is still going through that stage of wanting to be my shadow. In daily practice I'm sorry to say I usually fail to cling that closely to my Savior. And all too often I'm like the toddler who goes wandering off, thinking I can handle things only to come running back seeking God's solace, comfort and security whenever something scares me.

Perhaps I'll let my baby's clingy-ness serve as a reminder that not only do I depend on the Lord more than she depends on me - but in my heart I actually do desire to be in His presence - at least as much as she desires to be in mine.

I love the parallel.

The Holmans In Bolivia said...

Thanks for the compliment Sabrina. I've been letting Mercy's clingy-ness remind me as well. I too often think I can handle life on my own too. How delusional am I? :>)

Gary said...

I was just thinking about this idea today... in a little different way though... I was thinking about Nathan and Grant who are constantly saying Mom, watch me, Mom, see what I did? There's this idea that they want to show me everything, they want me to see all that they do... and I wonder at what point do we lose that sense of wanting our heavenly Father to see everything in our lives', and actually start hiding things from him... I'm working on wanting him to see it all, be there for it all, and ooh and ahhh over it all :) Miss you friend!

@ngie said...

When I read the title of your post it gave me a mental soundtrack as I read through the post. Do you know that worship song? It's an oldie but one of my favorites.

I just want to be where You are
Dwelling in your presence
Feasting at your table
Surrounded by your glory
In your presence
That's where I always want to be
I just want to be
I just want to be
With You

Love your sweet heart Denise. You are a precious example of God's unconditional and undying love. Thank you for being my friend.

Denise said...

Laura, isn't it amazing that after the many months since we've been together and and the hundreds of miles we are apart that the same sort of thing was on our minds on the same day? We really are forever connected. :> I miss you. I'm glad that you are the kind of friend that can see everything in my life...even the stuff I might keep hidden from some...and still love me and wanna be my friend.
Angie, it was indeed that very song that made me start thinking of the whole idea so it was my mental soundtrack as I wrote the article as well. It's one of my favorites too. Once again....great friends' minds thinking alike. If it wasn't so cool, it'd be scary. :>)