Thursday, February 3, 2011

Observations from the First Half of our Time in the States

  • There is good medical care available...even if you don't have insurance, but you have to pay dearly for it.
  • It is so easy to cook in the USA with all the prepared, canned, and frozen foods.
  • North Americans are very friendly, but lack truly deep friendships.
  • There is an abundance of water and even an abundance of hot water here.
  • There is wealth everywhere even in the midst of economic crisis.
  • The Dollar Tree is my favorite 'dollar store'. 
  • More isn't necessarily better.
  • Faster isn't necessarily better either.....except when it comes to internet connections. 
  • Christmas is a celebration of Jesus' birth, if you don't like that, don't celebrate it but don't change it into something else.  
  • Canned biscuits are really good (and stinkin' convenient!)....ditto canned croissants, cinnamon rolls, orange rolls, etc.
  • Lindt truffles are hard to beat.
  • Kids love to play outside and in the woods
  • It's hard to make friends when you aren't around that much and people know you are only here a short while.
  • The more I go to Walmart the more I am amazed at all they have....and for so cheap.
  • Celebrating American holidays is more fun when you are actually IN America.
  • Having all my kids and my parents in my house on Christmas Day was a treat and a memory I won't ever forget.
  • Most things work better here.
  • Being able to take things back when they don't work is a wonderful thing.
  • Home is where your herd is.
  • Snickers Candy Bars taste better here.
  • Canned sodas are really cheap and there is a huge variety of them available.


Shelley said...

I just found your blog through a link a friend posted on FB. My husband and I are missionaries in Guatemala. Ditto to everything you said here! So funny to read. We are fixin to go on furlough. I love my life here, but I do miss canned croissants and being around gringos long enough to build a friendship. I have been trying to find some female missionaries' blogs to read regularly to find some encouragement along this adventure! Look forward to reading yours!

The Holmans In Bolivia said...

Shelly, I'm so glad you 'found' me and commented. I looked at your blog as well and look forward to keeping up with you too. Keep in touch!