Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Last year here in the DC area they were pounded with tons of snow.  In fact at right about this time one year ago there were 30 inches of snow on the ground outside of the window that I am looking out right now.  At that time I was in Bolivia enjoying our 85 degree sunny weather.  As I saw all the pictures of cars and porches and doghouses covered in snow posted by friends I admit that I felt twinges of envy.  I love living in Cochabamba.  It is my home now, but we have pretty much the same weather year round in the daytime (about the only way you can tell the different seasons is the night time temperatures vary a little more).  It gets up into the 80s in the daytime unless it’s rainy season and it’s just a little cooler as long as the clouds last, but the next day it will back into the 80s again.  Hot Christmases were one of my biggest adjustments to make in Cochabamba.  We get sunburned on Christmas.  I know many Northern Virginians got their fill of snow last year and want a year ‘off’ with no blizzards, but I say BRING IT ON!!!  Bring on the blizzard.  I want snow.  Lots of it.  Tons of it.  I want the kind of storm where we can’t get out of our long winding driveway.  The kind where we are snowed in.  The kind where we have snowball fights, build snowmen and snow forts and then go inside and drink hot chocolate.  I want to enjoy one BIG blizzard during our time in the States.  I want it to be a memory I carry back to Bolivia with me.  I want to remember the freezing fingers of kids on my back and face.  Their red noses so cold that they are numb.  I want to remember snow angels and kids dressed up in so many layers they look like ticks about to pop.  The weather channel says it is supposed to snow tomorrow, here’s hoping it’s a good one!  I’ve got my hot chocolate ready just in case.  


Anonymous said...

The girl who was in Ghana last winter feels as if she missed out too, and is adding her vote for SNOW to yours. ;)

~ Leah

@ngie said...

Oh yes! I hope you get a ton of snow too! Enjoy :)

Stumbler said...

Following the events involving you and snow recently I find this really funny Denise. Have you tried blogging for cake? :-)

The Holmans In Bolivia said...

Good idea, Tim. Yes, we did get snowed out instead of snowed in, but it was fun and a good memory. :>) Leah, I KNOW you understand as do you Angie!! I still LOVE it. The cold is harsh, but I don't think I'll get over loving the white stuff!!