Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Can't Get Enough

In no particular order here are things that a girl just can’t have too many of….

Lip Smackers…every size, shape, color and taste…including one in every pocket, purse, bedside table drawer, bathroom drawer, desk drawer, kitchen drawer, coat pocket, cup holder in the car…

Friends…real ones…ones you can call on to talk you down off the ledge, rejoice with, or help you bury the body without questioning you about it until afterward (just kidding), but most importantly those who encourage you on your journey with the Lord

Good smells including perfumes, lotions, room sprays, diffusers, and candles


Moments alone


Sincere compliments from those who love her

Hot baths

Bath and Body Works Lotions (see above under good smells)

Reasons to celebrate

Flavors of diet soda and tea

Christmas decorations

Pictures of loved ones


Days in the company of her family

Nights alone with her honey

Romantic songs on her ipod


Intimate moments….with God, with her hubby, with her children, with her family, with her friends

Hours spent in amazement at the awesomeness of God

Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups

Colors of fingernail polish

Good recipes

Times truly worshiping God with other believers

People who read her blog

Feel free to comment and add your own.  I know I’ve left out plenty.


@ngie said...

You are so good about keeping the right things in front of your face. I like your list very much. :)

Stumbler said...

"Funny things my family say" could go into that list perhaps? :-)

(I'll try to remember the Reese's cups.)

The Holmans In Bolivia said...

Thanks, Ang for the encouragement. Tim, you are so right. I should've included that on my list. I just can't have too many of those!

The Holmans In Bolivia said...

Here's another thing a girl can't have too many of: dessert options. :>)