Saturday, September 5, 2009

More Quotes

This time from Hope (age 7 for a few more days)....

to her dad:  "I am so proud of myself."

Joe:  "Why is that?"

Hope:  "Because I haven´t been outside all day.  All I´ve been doing is watching movies.  Usually all we do is play outside and use our imaginations and I haven´t done that all day."

Disclaimer:  The reason they were watching so many movies is that we have several kiddos recovering from giardia. 


Gallo Pinto2 said...

Love the family picture header! Sorry the kiddos are sick. It seems like almost everyone is sick in Cocha!

laura said...

Love the new blog look! It's so cute and it makes it easier to read the text... let us know if you need anything, we hate the word giardia in this house, so we feel your pain! Praying for you guys!

The Holmans In Bolivia said...

Thanks, Denise for the compliment on the pic. It does seem like there are lots of people sick in Coch right now.

Laura, thank you too for the compliment on the new blog background. I also think it is much easier to read. Unfortunately, I know you can totally relate to the giardia yuckiness. I hope that Grant is much better soon, too. I´ll be praying for you as well.

Tyler said...

Loving the quotes! Makes me wonder what Kaylee is going to say when she start talking.