Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Life Changed

As I said in my last post we had to make an unexpected trip back to the States for Joe´s dad´s memorial service. The memorial service was beautiful and went on for around 2 hours of people sharing stories from Jack´s life. The best part was the clear picture of the difference of his life before Christ, and his life after he accepted Jesus as His Savior eight years ago. His was a life transformed by the Spirit living in him. A true testimony of the power of God. The pastors did a good job of showing the difference that a relationship with God can have. It was so great to be able to look at Jack´s life and see that there really was a difference in his life before he became a Christian and afterwards. Joe was able to share the story of when his dad and mom came up for a visit and his dad asked Joe to be the one to baptize him. What a sweet memory that is.

As we sat with the family and the pastors on the night before the service we heard two distinct kinds of stories ....ones from the years before he knew Christ when he was a hard working guy with a keen sense of humor, but was a bit rough and hard and never said the words ¨I love you¨, but then we heard stories from his later years after he knew Jesus personally. These were of a man changed. A man who had his hard heart replaced by a tender one. A man who forwarded every sappy email known to mankind. A man who continually told his family he loved them. A man who was know to all the kids at his church as ´the candy man´. A man whose greatest desire was to have his family experience the same relationship with God that he now enjoyed. Yes, Jack Holman was a life changed. Changed by his relationship with God. I am so blessed to have been able to see that transformation. What a testimony of God´s saving grace and His power to transform a life.

I know that one day I will be able to get another one of his big bear hugs and again be able to tell him in person how much I love him, but until then I will miss him. I love you, Jack.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet tribute - to a man so loved by his family, and to God's great power and love.

Praying for you all as you continue to grieve. God bless,


The Holmans In Bolivia said...

Thanks for your prayers Leah. We are praying for you as well. So many needs, so little time. ;^)