Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Stuff I´m Loving

I thought for fun I would post pics of some new stuff (at least it´s new to me) that I am enjoying these days. A few are from here in Bolivia and others were sent by friends and family in the States. Thank you to all who purchased or sent gifts recently. There are many more that I could post and some I probably will post later, but here is just a sampling for now.....

A shirt I ordered from Old comfy!
A book on miscarriage that my friend Laura loaned me.

An ipod alarm clock so we no longer have to use our cell phones for an alarm.

Wonderful facial products from Bath and Body of my favorite stores.

Dryer sheets for our new dryer. Hip, hip, hooray! (See Joe´s blog for details on the dryer.)

A Mickey Mouse watch and silver heart ring Joe brought me.

Bath gels from B & BW. Yummy!

Brighton Earrings brought back to me by my friend Glenda.
Blanket crocheted by Courtney, my friend in the States, for Mercy.
Mercy using said blanket.

Decaf Hazelnut Coffee from Target and also one from Alexander´s Coffee in LaPaz (Bolivia´s version of Starbucks) brought to us by our missionary friends who live there. Thanks for thinking of us Scotty and Lisa!

And of course the real deal.

New comfy jersy t-shirt sheets for my bed. (Yes, still on the floor, but the worst of scorpion season is over.)

Krispy Kreme coffe mug....minus the doughnuts though. Joe also brought me and Mercy Krispy Kreme shirts. Her´s says "When I can walk, I´m going to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts."

Globe from Glenda.

Four different cremers for my coffee.

Yum! Yum! From the bag of Hershey´s assorted nuggets....of course my favorites (the Special Darks with Almonds) are already all gone and so not in the pic. ;^)

Baby food grinder

Speakers that broadcast anything from our computer like cds or web based radio stations (even when the computer is in another room) or from our ipod. How cool is that!

Suave shampoo I found at the grocery store here in town. A smell of home.

Wonderful Bolivian juices.

Mocha ones brought back in Joe´s suitcase. (Big smile)

Still funny stuff many years later.

Can you tell I´m into smells? Joe brought these back in his suitcase, but the TSA people didn´t take too good of care of them (note the broken glass at their tops). They still burn and smell delicious though.

Mercy´s new favorite thing.


KCShipe said...

Aww, so cool! I love all the pictures and I'm so glad Mercy likes her blanket :) said...

Denise, your grateful spirit never ceases to astound, challenge and uplift me. Thank you!

Grace from Brazil said...

I am a missionary a bit east of you in Brazil. I saw those juices and I think they are Brazilian juices, right? My kids' favorite is Del Valle grape. It is fun to read your blogs. Dryers ARE very important in rainy season. Boy, I wish we could find one that runs on gas. So much cheaper. I "found" you guys while looking up homeschool conferences this summer in the U.S., when we will be in the states. The one at Sandy Cove sounds really great.

The Holmans In Bolivia said...

Thanks Courtney and Angie.

Grace, the homeschool conference at Sandy Cove is a good one. It would be fun to see you there. If you want to get in touch with email is
Are you already in the States now or just heading out soon? Thanks for reading my blog. We love the De Valle grape juice too. Very yummy.