Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures!! (guestblog by Joe....who meant to upload this to his blog not mine)

As I posted on my facebook (make me a friend if we are not), my kids accidently plugged the powerstrip that our entertainment and gaming systems (xbox) were on into a 220 outlet. It fried everything.

I just heard the kids upstairs. They dug out the old atari that we have and hooked it up and are playing pitfall harry. They are having a blast...and Denise can beat them! (She was pitfall Harriet when we were dating, unbeatable in the forest).

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laura said...

Hey good news though... our XBOX did the same thing thanks to a teammates son, but we were able to have it rewired to 220 and now it plugs straight into the wall here and works great... so there is hope! Good job Denise showing off your mad skills :)