Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Coffee Mates Christmas Party

I meet with a great group of gals as often as we can for coffee and conversation. Usually it´s about twice a month unless one of us needs it more. :^) I am so grateful for these friends who have really been a treat to have in my life this past year. They are all missionaries too and I feel like they understand what I´m going through. I´m the newbie missionary of the group even though I´m by far the oldest. :^) They´ve been there for me through good days and bad ones too. Thank you, girlies. I love you!

My friend, Angie, calls us ´caffinaries´ so as to not be outdone I came up with a name for them too. These gals are my ´coffee mates´.

We all got together last night at my house with husbands included for a Christmas party. It was lots of fun as usual carrying on with them. We missed Beth and Kevin who are in the States for Christmas and Julie and Josh who weren´t able to make it. I´ll show you pics of them another time.

Me and Joe

Laura and Gary

Tyson and Carolina

Angie and DaRonn

Daryl and Dan
And now for a tour of our Christmas decor.....


laura said...

We had SO much fun last night! Thank you so much for hosting! You guys are such a blessing to us and we really value your friendship!

shirlkoo8 said...

YOU GUYS LOOK SO GOOD.Love your tree.