Saturday, November 3, 2007

Hope's Birthday Pics

Hope turned 6 on October 4. Here are some pics of her special day.
She had a piñata where you pull ribbons and one of the ribbons releases the candy and prizes. Much more femine than whacking it with a stick. :>)

The piñata released its treasures!!!

Hope checking out the goods.

She wanted a pinapple upside down cake.

The bear Paul and Grandma bought for her. She loves to sleep with it.

An exercise trampoline is just the right size for her and for our house, too. It's a popular attraction for all the kids. The older ones like to use it as a launching pad to see how far up the stairs they can jump.

Hope wanted to go to Burger King for her birthday meal. BK is the only "North American" kind of fast food in the whole city. We don't go there too often since it costs as much or more than most of the fancier restaurants around town. Also, the food's isn't so great. Once Joe got some kind of bug from undercooked chicken there. However, we had a good time on Hope's birthday.

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Schellhases said...

Being a girl myself, I'm always worried someone is going to get whacked in the head with the "bat". The pull the string pinata is perfecto. Feliz cumpleanos a Hope!!! (or should I say, Esperanza!)