Friday, November 2, 2007

Finally Pics from David's Birthday

It's taken a while for me to get these up. But I'm sure you'll enjoy them just the same. David turned 11 on September 30. He's growing up quick! He's becoming one of 'the older guys' to stay up a bit later and have a few more privileges. He thinks that's very cool.

Here we are at Papa Gallos...David's favorite place to eat in Cochabamba.

Yummy, yummy hamburgers!

Some old classics that we found here...Twister, some dominoes to build and knock down and Fruit Stripe favorite when I was a kid.

Legos from my dad and mom

David wanted chocolate chip cookies instead of a cake.

A birthday kiss

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Schellhases said...

That Holman Birthday Kiss is such a great tradition! Happy Birthday, David!