Saturday, October 27, 2007

Our Saturday

Today as we went to the market we took the camera to share with you where we shop each Saturday.

One of the two main streets of the market. Each Saturday morning the street is transformed into a market and by sundown it is turned back into a street.

One of the 'wheel barrow boys' that helps us carry our groceries.

The Produce Section

More Fruit

The "Payless Shoes" part of the market

The "Zales Jewerly Store"

The "Petsmart" of the market

Of course Joe is in the "Barnes and Noble" section of the market...probably looking for some good coffee.

My favorite part of the market....the "Flower Shop"

The "Blockbuster" of the market

Another "Pet Shop" with a restaurant beside it<

Another restaurant

The Meat Section

Check out the cow tongues

The "Safeway" of our market

The "Beds, Baths, and Beyond"

After the market we decided to check out on of the parks here in the city where you must pay to enter. Since you have to pay to enter they are much safer than neighborhood parks...much fewer sharp metal edges and less broken glass. :>)

Look at how tall this slide is!! That's a long way down for Patience. I even tried it.

Fun on the Merry Go Round

Me and David

Faith and Hope surveying their kingdom

The older boys on pedal go-karts... you can ride go-karts and exercise at the same time.

David showing his tricks on the skateboard he got for his birthday.

Caleb getting risky with the skateboard. (Big surprise...not!)

So guess who had to get in on it all!

Joy and Patience on the swings

Ben riding a dinosaur

Josh in good ole red, white and blue

The ice cream lady made a big sale with us

It was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Everyone was thirsty (see all the empty cups being thrust toward me?) but I took over the bottle. :>)

On a final note, we just got a new bed. When we moved here we decided to get a queen sized bed since we didn't know how much room we would have and also since Joe says that it doesn't matter how big or small the bed is I sleep right up against him and he has no room. :>) Anyway, we gave Jake our queen sized bed and bought a king sized one. We didn't buy a frame or the box spring (which really wasn't a box spring, but only a platform) since it cost $500 more. So right now we're sleeping on a mattress on the floor. Our room is pretty small so the mattress virtually takes up the entire room. Eventually we will get a bed frame or headboard/footboard, but right now I don't mind sleeping on the floor at all. That is I didn't mind until I was typing this blog entry and Jake came and told us about the huge scorpion that was in his shower. I'm attaching pics of it too. It's hard to tell from the pictures, but it was a good 3 inches long (at least according to Joe, I didn't want personal history with it). Now it's dead, but I'm sure I'll think about it tonight when I crawl in my bed on the floor.

P.S. One more day passed before I finished this entry. Saturday night I did wake up a few times thinking about the above scorpion. Then, Sunday night when I was going to bed there was a huge spider on the wall of my room. More and more I'm not liking the idea of sleeping on the floor. :>( I love what Mrs. Gregory (Steve and Susie's mom) told me after her many years on the mission field. She said people used to say to her "I could never be a missionary because I don't like spiders, bugs, scorpions and snakes." She would just smile, but she said she was thinking "Like I do?! I don't like them either! I'm not here because I love spiders and snakes, but because this is where God called me!". Well, I don't like them either, but it's just one of the small sacrifices we are called to make in order to do what God has called us to. Last night Joe prayed for me to be able to sleep well and not think too much about the creepy crawlies. God answered and I slept fine. This week, however, I'll be looking for a good fumigator though. :>) Any names, Angie?

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@ngie said...

What a fun day!

You are really adjusting to the culture... you have exchanged the trusty old yellow pages for the ask a friend option. :-)