Monday, October 29, 2007

The Best Baby Decication Ever

Yesterday there was a baby dedication service at church. It was special. No, I didn't have any babies to dedicate, unfortunately. I've been to plenty of baby dedications in my time. I especially enjoy when Joe and I are dedicating one of our children to the Lord and committing to do our best to raise them to love Him. I also enjoy the ones that my hubby officiates. I love it when he lays his hands on the little ones and prays for them. However this baby dedication was special for none of the above reasons. This one touched me deeply because the two little ones being dedicated were orphans. They live in the orphanage that was started by and is supported by our church. In fact the orphanage is on the second story above where we have our Sunday service. One of these little 'honeys' was only 2 weeks old. A little tiny thing. I prayed fervently for these two and will continue to pray for them. I pray that they will come to know the Lord at an early age and will grow to love Him above all else. I pray that they will know the love found in a family that serves our Lord. I pray that they will be able to deal with the rejection that comes from being abandoned by the ones that are supposed to love you more than any other. Since they have no parents I will take on the responsibility to pray for them. I will take that responsibility seriously. Will you join me in praying in faith for these little ones and the other 23 or so that live with them in the orphanage? Pray too for those who care for them that they would show Christ's love to some who desperately need to feel it.

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Sarah M. said...

That just breaks my heart to think of anyone abandoning their child, but I know it happens. BRBC had a baby dedication on Oct 21 and we dedicated Lauren. It was awesome to be up there with our little girl.