Saturday, August 25, 2007

My Dream

I've always said that I should be known as the patron saint of Wal-mart after the countless hours and dollars that I've spent there. I guess I was right after all. Thursday night I dreamt of Wal-mart. I had a dream that it was Joy's birthday and I needed to get her a gift, make her a cake and organize her a party. This is our family's 'birthday season'. In the next six weeks or so we have 5 birthdays in our family. Caleb, Patience, Joe, David and Hope all have birthdays coming up, but Joy's is not until March, so I don't know why I dreamed it was her birthday. But on with the story. I dreamed I was at my Aunt Dee's house and her house happened to be connected to Six Flags and also connected to Wal-mart. I suppose these are things I've been missing without even realizing it. In my dream I went in to Wal-mart to look for things for Joy. I couldn't believe all that was there: party decorations, balloons, toys, gifts, purses, even a cake all in one location!! I was amazed. Dumfounded even. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. Not literally, but it was a feeling of sheer wonder at all that could be in one store. I could find anything I needed. It's amusing the things one misses.


Kim said...

Happy birthday to the whole birthday crowd down there! Sorry there's no Walmart for you but enjoy finding something special from your new home!

I hope that "Hope" has recovered from her goose egg! No more rolling out of bed!

Kim in VA

Anonymous said...

Giving up Walmart is easy for the Kingdom :) Convenience is one thing but adventure? Ah! That is life for the Holmans!! We sure miss you all here and now I won't walk into Walmart without thinking of you :)
Hugs, Dear Friend! geni