Sunday, August 5, 2007


Here's a pic of our weekly haul from the Saturday least some of it. There's more in the fridge. Note the eggs: they aren't refrigerated. It was a bit strange at first to us, but no one has contracted salmonella yet so I guess we're okay leaving them out. On a normal Saturday we buy about $40 worth of fruits, veggies, eggs and cheese at the Saturday Ferria. Here you see about $60 worth. The cheese is a large part of the cost at about $4 a pound. In the picture are 75 tangerines, 25 apples, 5 pounds of potatoes, 2.2 pounds of carrots, 1/4 bushel of onions, bunches of garlic, 2.2 pounds of kiwi, 4.4 pounds of plums, 2 watermelons, 1/4 bushel of tomatoes, 100 bananas, a couple of large avocados, 2.2 pounds of limes, and 3 flats of eggs (90). In the fridge we have 4 pounds of cheese, 3 quarts of strawberries, a large stem of broccoli, and a bag of lettuce. I also bought a bouquet of freesia and a dozen roses. This amount usually lasts us until about Thursday when we need to go to a smaller everyday market to fill in what we need. It's amazing how much our family can eat. I think we're eating more healthy foods though. At the market there are these little 'wheel barrow kids'. They are mostly (but not all) boys that range in age from about 6 years old to maybe 11 or 12. They follow you around with a wheel barrow and carry your groceries. Then they will even wheel them to your house. We live a few blocks away from the Saturday market. So, imagine a young boy (or girl) carrying all the groceries you see in the picture above plus the things in our fridge in a wheel barrow over cobblestones streets because the street is better than the broken up sidewalk. Since we have more than the usual amount of groceries we pay a bit more than the normal rate. We usually pay 8 bolivianos (a bit more than $1) and buy him a drink. Last week I was not feeling well and Joe went alone and bought the boy a Dr. Pepper. The boy was ecstatic! The cost of a Dr. Pepper is 12 times what a juice that he would normally get costs.

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