Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy December!!!

The countdown to Christmas has begun.  I turned the page on the calendar to the last month of the year today.  December.  I love it.  We finally got our Christmas tree up yesterday.  We had quite a few interruptions on the way to getting it completed.  We usually try to put up all our Christmas decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving.  However this Thanksgiving weekend was unusually busy with kids spending the night at friends houses, Christmas play rehearsal, youth group, etc. plus I got some kind of a bug and I don't mean the Christmas decorating bug.  I mean the kind that crawls around in my intestine and makes my life miserable and renders me pretty useless.  Any way, we finally have most of the decorations up.  It's been fun this year because here in Bolivia most people don't decorate the outside of their houses with lights since we all live behind walls.  Now we live in an apartment on the fourth floor so we can decorate our balconies with lights.  Here's a little peek of our interior decorations for those who care.


@ngie said...

Love it! Good job, Denise. I especially like the Latin Nativity scene. So cute!

Stumbler said...

So.... all the chocolate decorations have been eaten then? :-) Looks great Denise!

The Holmans In Bolivia said...

I love that nativity too Angie. It's my favorite I think. Of course all the chocolate ones (and the candy canes) were eaten, Tim. I made them wait to eat the candy canes and used them as incentives and rewards. They worked well. :>)