Thursday, February 18, 2010

Everything I Need to Know In Life I Learned on the Mission Field

  • This life has hardships, it´s good to just accept that and move on
  • The beauty of a word fitly spoken
  • To appreciate the ´little things´ that I miss from my home country
  • Holding hands or walking arm in arm with a friend of the same gender is a good thing
  • Nothing beats the following God with abandon
  • The importance of a needed nap
  • God is at work all over the globe
  • A little encouragement can go a long way
  • I get by with a little help from my friends
  • Cheap manicures, pedicures, and massages are a nice treat
  • Demons are alive and well and still possess people
  • The power of prayer
  • Driving without many rules and regulations is fun
  • Life for people in much of the world isn´t that different from what it was in Biblical times
  • Obeying God is always good
  • Good locks are worth their price
  • I need my cup filled by God daily
  • The Environmental Protection Agency, the Food Service and Inspection Service, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and taxes are all good things
  • It´s wonderful to worship God in another language
  • There´s nothing like worshipping God in your heart language
  • The blessing of having friends who will drop whatever they are doing if I need them to
  • I can kill my own bugs when I have to
  • Many of God´s children are generous and faithful in sharing their money in His work
  • People all over the world still worship and try to appease false gods
  • Police that are not corrupt benefit their communities
  • Drinking tap water in most of the world is a good way to loose weight by getting an amoeba
  • I can over come fears even sleeping on the floor during scorpion season
  • Band-Aids are a great cure-all for all kinds of boo-boos
  • Love is a spiritual band-aid
  • Jesus met the needs of the poor, the outcast, and the down-trodden
  • All kinds of bugs bite
  • The privilege of serving our Lord with my family
  • Teenagers learning to drive in any country is scary
  • Clean drinking water is a precious commodity
  • Having family and friends beside and behind you is a wonderful thing
  • God is calling people into His kingdom daily
  • Being back at home with family when there is a crisis is worth whatever it costs
  • I love living in the age of internet and internet phones
  • Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with people, but it can become addicting
  • American desserts are the best
  • European chocolate is the best
  • Most of what I thought were necessities aren´t
  • It´s not a great idea to eat from street vendors
  • North Americans don´t know what real economic crisis is
  • Our family has more possessions than most villages in the world
  • You get what you pay for
  • I need to let my light shine
  • Sometimes it´s better to go behind a bush than in a public restroom
  • Following Jesus isn´t just a good idea, it is a necessity
  • Towels dried hanging on a clothes line can´t hold a candle to towels out of a dryer
  • Amoeba, parasites and typhoid are free at some restaurants
  • Laughter is good medicine
  • Some of the best ice cream in Cochabamba is sold out of little white vans
  • There´s no substitute for American peanut butter
  • Diversity enriches our lives
  • Learning a foreign language after age 40 is not an easy task
  • Coca-Cola spends some serious money advertising world wide
  • Jesus is the answer for the world today, above Him there´s no other, Jesus is the way
  • Fruits and vegetables bought from a grocery store taste nothing like the real thing grown in the jungle
  • Dishwashers are wonderful inventions
  • Ditto for garbage disposals
  • Co-laborers are a precious gift
  • Possessions don´t make you happy
  • God uses all kinds of skills and talents for his glory
  • How to pack both suitcases and moving boxes like a pro
  • I am blessed beyond belief
  • Toyota Land Cruisers are good vehicles
  • There are still Christian heroes
  • Most of what divides denominations shouldn´t
  • How to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds
  • God loves us just as we are
  • Home is where your heart is
  • There´s no place like home


Deb said...


I've missed reading your blog and just got back into the swing of things - blogwise. What a wonderful one to re-enter on. :)

I related so much to most of the comments (minus good fruit) causing some out loud chuckling and also some heart felt agreement.

Love to you, my sweet friend.
May God bless you in every way.

Caris said...

Hey, great list!!! So true. Thanks for sharing.

Um, scorpion season??? I'll be gone before then, right? (please say yes, please say yes... :)

Jessica said...

Though my only foreign missions experience was less than 2 weeks in Romania, I can definitely relate to the public restroom thing. I just wished there were bushes available in the city! ;-)

Anyway, thanks for sharing these. Definitely a challenge to appreciate all the blessings that we have here in the US!!

Stumbler said...

Nice to see European chocolate on the list! Go green & Black! Go Hotel Chocolat! Go Thorntons! Go Lindt!! In your face Hershey!!! :-)

Seriously... great list Denise. I can see where half those come from having read your blogs. Another quarter from facebook.... and a few more from messages.

You forgot about the postal system though. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me how blessed I am and that I take so many things for granted. You are a very wise woman and I pray that God will continue to use you, Joe and the kids in a mighty way to further HIS Kingdon.

Anonymous said...

Each point I read on the list brought back to me a memory of you or a time we've prayed for your family. Denise, despite it all God continues to work in and through you.
Earnestly and honestly praying for you regularly!

Jennifer T. said...

Fun list!! You just about covered it - the joys, blessings, and trials of life in Bolivia. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the reminder of the little things we all take for granted here! (As I sit drinking tap water!)
Praying for you all!

Blessed beyond belief,
Kathy W

Gallo Pinto2 said...

Love this post!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE worshiping in Spanish. And I'm so thankful to have a Spanish church here. It makes it a little less painful to miss Bolivia!

And I learned to kill my own bugs in Latin America...

Amoebas...been there, done that...unfortunately!

Home is where the heart is...unfortunately mine is in more than one place!

Will you guys be in Indiana/Ohio at all while you're in the States? If so I'd LOVE to see you!

Julie said...

I love this list. I wish I were there to walk arm and arm with you, and maybe kill a bug or two in your honor.

Joshua and Julie Marcum said...

Great post, Denise. I love seeing your heart... and agree wholeheartedly with your list! Did you have a little help from the kiddos?? I think it would be great to write one from their perspective :)