Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wishing for less, but grateful for more

Today I find myself wishing for less...
  • less poverty in the world
  • less weight on my body
  • less flies landing on my face
  • less children dying
  • less hatred
  • less clothes in my closet
  • less gossip
  • less rain so that my clothes can dry on the line
  • less malice
  • less stuff to pack up before home assignment
  • less scorpions in my house
  • less flooding in our house back in Virginia
  • less flooding in our house in Cochabamba
  • less water balloon throwers during this ´Carnival´ season
  • less papers on my desk
  • less waiting time for all my friends trying to adopt
  • less distance between me and my oldest two kiddos
  • less pain in the world
  • less talking bad about the other political party
  • less emotional moodiness from me
  • less harsh words spoken too quickly
  • less worship of false gods
However I am grateful for more....
  • more than enough money to provide food, clothing and shelter for my family and to share with those in need
  • more kids than most people have....each such a blessing for me
  • more friends than I deserve
  • more in love with God than ever
  • more than enough good chocolate, tea and coffee to share with my friends
  • more time with my husband than when we lived in the States
  • more dreams for our ministry here in Bolivia
  • more passion in my life
  • more than 70 monthly supporters of our ministry
  • more Spanish language than before
  • more time with my kids than most people have
  • more than one set of clothes which is way more than many people in the world
  • more books on my shelves than I can read
  • more room to grow in my relationship with God
  • more love that covers a multitude of sins
  • more missionaries going into the harvest
  • more ways to keep in touch with friends and family than in other times
  • more compassion for those living without hope
  • more laughter
Here´s wish you less and more too!


Stumbler said...

Nice blog Denise. Very entertaining read. There's never a "Just the right amount of" column though is there.

With you on the less rain and flooding.


@ngie said...

Love this post, Denise. I hear you on many of these points and you challenge me to expand my heart on many of the other ones. You are an inspiration, friend.

Anonymous said...

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