Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Rainy Season is Upon Us

The rains have begun.  Yea! (and not).  I have mixed feelings about the rainy season.  I love the rain, I always have.  I love big ole Texas thunderstorms.  Even as a child I loved them.  They never scared me, but always comforted me.  Here in Coch we go for months and months without seeing any rain at all, so it is wonderful to have it again and see all the brown start to turn green.  But it all comes at once; it´s not spread out throughout the year.  From now until February it will rain about 4 out of 5 days, and the rest of the year it doesn´t rain at all.  The rainy season also happens to be our summer time which is the bummer part for me.  I happen to love the feel of the sun warming our city, our house and our bodies.  At 8500 feet, it really cools off at night and so the sun is so nice in the daytime.  Cochabamba is called the City of Eternal Spring so I don´t really have any room to complain about our weather.  It gets up to around 80 degrees year round, but with varying degrees of coolness at night.  We don´t have the luxury of heating or airconditioning so this weather is simply wonderful.  However, I have just gotten used to not having to take a sweater or jacket with me when we go out at night and I was enjoying that, now I have to go back to keeping one near me all the time.  Sunday morning was our first ´big´ rain of the year and as I sat in church (a bit chilly) thinking about it, I realized how much I enjoy the sun, but then I thought how much I love the Son more. 

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Christy said...

Very true. Even these little trials we face help wean us from loving the world too much and turn our full affections toward our Savior. I'm looking forward to the New Jerusalem, where we won't even need a sun because God is our light! That will be amazing! (I'm a huge fan of light and the end of daylight saving time and the onset of winter here in VA can be depressing.)