Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It´s Been the Worst of Times; It´s Been the Best of Times

That´s what these last few weeks have seemed like. We´ve had lots of good things all the conferences we´ve been able to participate in, the move to our new house, closing in on the birth of Mercy, our 24th wedding anniversary, etc. But along with the good times have come plenty of hard times as well. In many ways I told Joe this has been the best and the worst month we´ve had since we moved to Bolivia over a year ago now. We have lots of ´yucky´ stuff going on with our house in Virginia. In addition, we need to pretty quickly answer the question of what we should do with the house we sell at the bottom (?) of the market or do we try to hang on to it, rent it and ride it out for a while longer? We´ve also had lots of friends and supporters who´ve had to cut their financial support due to the economy in the States. We´ve had lots of sickness here including a virus that ran through our entire household beginning the week we were moving. I´ve had additional yuckies that go along with the end of pregnancy in an old woman. I´ve spent much of the last two weeks in bed. There are some health issues going on with family back in the States as well. Here we´ve had lots of political uncertainty (nothing new, but still disconcerting at times). I´ve had to temporarily drop out of language school and am feeling even more frustrated about my rate of learning Spanish. All of these things add up to a couple of weeks of real discouragement I suppose. I´m sure fluctuating hormones don´t help any of this. Mind you, I´m not whining just trying to be up front and share from my heart.

I guess the point of all this dumping is to ask you to keep us upheld in prayer. We are truly grateful for the love, encouragement, and support shown to us from our family and friends. You don´t know how it keeps us going during these hard times to know that you are ´on our team´ and lifting us up to the One who can in turn lift us up.

In spite of my grumblings, I truly am grateful to have been called to Cochabamba to serve our Lord in His harvest here. Thank you for allowing me to cyber-dump on you so that I can get it out and realize how truly blessed I am.


K said...

So nice to 'hear' from you again.

I will definately be praying for all of you guys!

You are doing amazing things in Bolivia :)

Also praying for you and the birth of wee Mercy!

Have a lovely day

@ngie said...

I am praying for you my dear friend. Whatever you need me to do I am here to help. Please, please, please don't hesitate to ask me. okay? :-)

I love you!

Anonymous said...

Hormones can definitely exacerbate things, and there's nothing you can really do about it until Mercy is born. I will definitely be praying for all of you more specifically this week and in the weeks to come!
In His Grip,

melissax1 said...

You guys are always in my prayers. I totally know how much prayer means in hard times ! With what Im going through with my health issues when someone says Im praying for you it brings me to tears ! Please know you are always prayed for by the Thomas family. You guys are never far from our thoughts .
We love you . Hang in there God will bring you through the tough yucky days !! I know you will look back and say how did we get through that and see that God gave you supernatural strength to do it .
Love and prayers,

laura said...

I hope this morning served to cheer you up a little and remind you how much you are cared for by your friends here! You are a treasure to us all!

The Holmans In Bolivia said...

Thanks for your prayers.

Thanks for your love and support. You´re the best. I def will call. I really enjoyed your visit the other day. It picked me up. I love you!

Thanks for your prayers as well. I´m already feeling better.

Thanks for praying for us all. We´re still praying for you too. I´m glad you are able to keep up with us through my blog. It´s always good to hear from you. Send me an email and let me know more specifically how I can pray ( You are dear to my heart and a real sweetie! Thanks for the encouragement!

Laura (and Angie, Julie, Beth, Daryl, and Carolina we missed you!),
(Great pic of Grant BTW! What a cutie pie!) You my dear are a treasure to me as well. Yesterday was just what I needed. Thanks to all my friends here and your thoughtfulness I felt very special and loved. I´d still like to get together one more time before Mercy comes if possible...maybe even again with hubbies! You have been a huge blessing and encouragement in my life. Thanks for being my friend(s). It´s so nice to know that others understand what it´s like. :^)